The Journey

What began as a university project at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment over a love of drones, virtual reality and Esports the team at Dark Shadow Studio is bringing excitement to thousands of gamers and general public.

The studio Since returning from the largest game developers conference in the world “GDC” located in San Francisco have since showed off their skills and major project Drone Legion™ (a virtual reality drone racing game) to the masses at some of Melbourne’s first ever events like the Tech & Gadget expo followed by Australia’s largest gaming convention PAX Aus and finished the year with Future Assembly.

Dark Shadow Studio is committed to a life long career in the gaming industry and is considered one of Melbourne’s aspiring start-ups, specializing in virtual reality technology.

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The Future

The future of Dark Shadow Studio is to bring new Indie Games to the forefront of the Esports world. Watch this space for updates!

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1 week ago

Dark Shadow Studios - DSS

Some really great photo's from today's #Fortnite #Esport #Tournament well done to "Supreme Sweats" for taking the win! It was a great day and we look forward to many more to come!

Huge thank you to Ballarat Tech School staff who did an amazing job of ensuring things ran smoothly and Guf Ballarat for giving us some awesome prizes!
Albert Jarred Liam Hayley Amelia #Guf #BallaratTechSchool

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Ballarat's first High School Esports tournament Grand Final is underway!

Supreme Sweats VS Memes! Best if luck!

#DSS #Ballarat #BallaratTechSchool #Fortnite

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