Casey Thomas

CEO Project Lead

Casey Thomas moved to Melbourne from Ballarat VIC. She studied design, production and business management at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment and proceeded to work in a fast upscale environment, developing virtual reality games for the public.

Passionate about virtual reality and drones, the move to Melbourne’s fastest growing gaming scene was a natural fit. With support from the local games community the Arcade, IGDA and Creative Victoria Casey has become the CEO of her own business called Dark Shadow Studio.

In her free time Casey loves to get involved with local networking events, showcases and promoting women in the games industry. Grateful for an amazing group of supportive family and friends, Casey is determined to be a positive role model for future game developers.

Reece Griffin

COO Lead Designer

Living the life as a passionate game developer, Co - Founder, COO and Lead Designer at Dark Shadow Studio. Reece thrive’s in this industry, creating innovative designs and ideas for new technology, working with VR and Drones.

He is all about “New”,New Technology, Drones and VR has always been on his mind, combining these things with the interactive world of entertainment is his dream.

Sam Wood

Lead Artist

Young, dedicated, passionate artist. Captivated by an ever-changing medium to publish breathtaking things. Dreamer, creator, problem solver. Ever since Sam could pick up a pen and draw on his parent's walls, he knew art was his calling.

His skills have skyrocketed ever since and he has never looked back. Sam was mentored by industry greats and driven by passion and commitment, striving to be one of the best artists coming out of Australia.

Sam lives with his two dogs who keep him sane and encourage him to sleep on the occasion. It's his dream to work besides the very artist's he consider gods.

Liz Rowlands

Lead Programmer

Liz has always been interested in games, from a young age she used to sit and watch my older brother play games (Final Fantasy and GT3 A-Spec), when she was old enough she started playing too.

From there a passion to make games was born. Liz likes to think that if she sets her mind to it, she can do anything.